Motion Control

With increased demand on “production throughput”, Motion Control has increasingly become more sophisticated. RG Speed carries a variety of quality mechanical and electrical components.

More importantly, with over 35 years of experience, RG Speed has the knowledge of packaging these components in order to achieve your production goals.

Motion Control

We Service

  • RG Speed provides complete “Motion Control” solutions.
  • Servo sizing and packaging
  • System integration and commissioning
  • Installation and servicing of new and existing Motion Control Systems and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
  • Operator training
  • Flexible integrated automation

We Offer

  • Full range of ac/dc servo motors and controls
  • Single and multiple axis motion controllers
  • Servo class gearing
  • Linear motion components
  • Servo class couplings

Servo Systems


RG Speed represents a number of the top 10 servo manufactures in the world. Unmatched powerful and in depth coverage to meet all your needs.


"The relationship between RG Speed Control Devices and Yaskawa Electric dates back more than 20 years. RG makes sure that its team is constantly upgrading their skills and knowledge base with factory training to ensure that the proper product is used and the best technical support is available for each application.Yaskawa Electric America is proud to have RG Speed Control as a Factory Authorized Automation Solutions Center."

Yaskawa Electric America

Linear Motion


What is Linear Motion? Linear Motion can mean a multitude of applications and configurations. Packaging various components in order to satisfy your requirement is key.

We invite you to sit with one of our application sales representatives to discuss your applications. 

  • Linear Blocks and Rail
  • Linear Servo
  • Prepackaged Linear Actuators
  • Ballscrews, Open-ended Timing Belts
  • Standard and High Precision Rack and Pinion

Motion Control Accessories


RG Speed carries a number of Motion Control Accessories. Those little things that don’t get much thought until you “really need them”. From Servo Class couplings and torque limiter to Cable carries and Bellows.

Servo Class Couplings

Zero-Max product catalogues visit website
Lovejoy product catalogues
Torque Limiters & Safety Couplings

Call RG Speed for more details.

Servo Brakes

Nexen visit website
Cable Carriers

Call RG Speed for more details.


Call RG Speed for more details.


Call RG Speed for more details.

Feedback Devices


RG Speed represents the broadest line of trusted brands in motion feedback devices. From General Purpose, Heavy Duty to High Precision Encoders, Resolvers or Tachometers RG Speed has you covered. Having experience in solving speed, rate, velocity, distance or position measurement problems very similar to yours RG Speed will have a solution for you. We invite you to sit with one of our application sales reps and engage them in your application.



Tools for Motion Control


Servo Sizing

Servo sizing selection requires a thorough understanding of the application as well as careful data collection. Servo sizing programs are helpful and will ultimately guide designers to a servo motor package but as they say; “Garbage in” and “Garbage out”.

We invite you to sit with one of our application sales representatives to discuss your applications. Please click on one of the links below for servo sizing programs: