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RG knows Speed Control.

We have specialized in speed control since 1977. Today, many people in our industry consider original products as legacy products, but RG Speed Control still supports these products, and is knowledgeable about them. We are recognized as the “go to company” for parts and service in this area. There is a need to understand why the original drive systems benefit certain customers and applications.

If they choose replacement, we are positioned to be able to offer the most advanced current Variable Speed Drive solutions. Drives have come a long way. Energy savings and process improvements require this new technology.


We call it our core competency. RG knows “Speed Control.” From our roots of mechanical speed drives and variable speed pulley systems, we have progressed to being today’s latest general purpose high performance vector drives.

Adjustable speed drive (ASD)/Frequency is one of the general terms applied to equipment used to control the speed of machinery. Adjustable speed drives are also known as variable speed drives (VSD=Speed Control).

Motors & Controls

We offer

  • the widest selection of motors and drives available from stock in the industry
  • best of class and best fit for applications for your budget
  • we provide custom AC/DC motors to suit all applications

We can and do

  • build and design custom panels (installation and commission)
  • repair or refurbish

Variable Frequency Drives



“From Emerson’s perspective as a motor and motion control manufacturer, RG Speed is an ideal partner for many reasons. It all starts with the 30+ years of experience with speed and motion control applications. This history allows to RG staff to readily recognize applications and their inherent idiosyncrasies. These subtleties can turn into “gotchas” for those with lesser experience. Once applications are defined, appropriate equipment selection can be completed. Once again, this is where experience is a benefit. Appropriate selection necessitates respect for both desired machine function as well as the Customer budget. Simply stated, disrespecting either of these points will result in a less-than-desirable ongoing Customer relationship. And having a 30+ year business history is indicative of very positive relationships.

RG Speed is unique in that its business model combines power transmission with motor and motion control. Many other businesses have expertise in power transmission OR in motor and motion control. But few have expertise in both. The benefit here is the ability to go from “pole to product”, whereas others may stop at the motor’s terminal box or start at the motor coupling. This far-ranging expertise allows RG to contribute much to the successful operation of a wide variety of manufacturing processes.”

Paul Cowx, Emerson Industrial Automation

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